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Film: Kinshasa Symphony


?Kinshasa Symphony? shows Kinshasa in all its diversity, speed, colour, vitality and energy. The sound of this city and its orchestra is conveyed by a sonic design that blends the music with the atmosphere of Kinshasa.

For many years this was not only a very difficult undertaking, it was officially prohibited. Dictator Mobutu did all he could to prevent the world from witnessing the decay of his country. This is why the only pictures we have of the Congo, to the extent that they exist at all, come from news reports. ?Kinshasa Symphony? paints a very different picture of the Congo.

The orchestra?s collective music-making, the rehearsals and the concerts they lead up to show our protagonists in the company of over two hundred other ?Kinois?. The results are magnificent and inspiring images of the courage and determination with which Congolese civic society sets out to free itself from a vicious circle of colonial oppression, tyranny, poverty and war that has had them in its grip for decades.

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