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Kenyan Community Abroad e.V. (KCA e.V.)

Kenya - Marburg

Postfach 200613,
D-35018 Marburg.
Association - Culturelle



Kenyan Community Abroad (German Chapter) is an organisation of people of Kenyan descent, adopted individuals, Passport holders and spouses with similar aspirations and adhere to the principles of:

1. Just government that observes the tenets of separation of power i.e. Legislature, Executive and Judiciary and feasible policies geared to curb economic travails besetting Kenya.

2. Equitable distribution of economic opportunities and promotion of equality with a view of bridging disparity in socio-economic welfare in the society.

3. Education system that is in line with international standard to enhance efficiency in public and private administration sectors aimed at encouraging professionalism and innovation to reduce dependency on foreign ideas for development activities.

4. Bolster self initiatives in matters pertaining to basic Healthcare, conservation of natural environment and basic water extraction methods necessary to curb food deficiency.

Contact Persons:
Drs. Leonard Mwamba: Email: Tel: 0176-282 208 39
Dr. James Karanja: Email: Tel: 0176-656 82 719


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