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CAMDIAC - Cameroon Diaspora for Change

Cameroon - New York

Address: 7513 Maple Ave # 701
Takoma Park MD 20912
Telephone: 202-280-2926
FAX: 804.509.0515
Others: 202-280-2926



Change can never happened if people of wisdom continue to follow the conventional dictates of society. A new breed of change agents had always emerged from every generation to weather the storms of greed and the shackle of ego that compounds human suffering and opposition from the power that be, and the ignorant.

As we continue to make great stride toward freedom in Cameroon we are not naïve to understand the road blocks ahead of us. Our greatest ammunition is the power of our conviction and the believe that the touch of leadership is about to be handed down to our generation

The goal of CAMDIAC is to create a sense of urgency around the need for change in Cameroon and empower a new brand of stakeholders and change agents, putting together a strong guiding team in the name of political action committee with credibility, skills, connections and reputation. This guiding team is responsible for creating sensible, uplifting visions and strategies towards visionary and exclusionary leadership in Cameroon to enable change

We look forward to launching a powerful cross media platform with a robust plan to capture the moment with an alternative voice for freedom and Democracy in Cameroon.

As long as several men assembled together consider them selves a single body, they have only one will, which is directed towards their common perseverance and general well-being, Then all the animating forces of the state are vigorous and simple, its principles are clear and luminous; it has no incompatible or conflicting interest, the common good makes it self so manifest evident that only common sense is needed to discern it, peace, unity and equality are enemy to any political sophistication. Jean Jacque Rousseau.

We are calling on Cameroonian to join this moving train, the Cameroon Diaspora for Change(CAMDIAC). CAMDIAC is an association of men and women of integrity. There is no class issue in our association, please join this humble organization that is about usher in genuine change in Cameroon and Africa in the 21st century.

CAMDIAC main objective is to connect, network, dialogue and mobilize Cameroonians and stakeholders around the world to support the vision for building a new Cameroon for greater possibilities and opportunities for everyone resident in Cameroon regardless of region, origin, race, sex, religion and politics.

The Indian poet Rabindranarth Tagore said that human history is waiting patiently for the triumph of the downtrodden. A society that truly respects all people is built when the downtrodden and oppressed become strong and triumph, Cameroonians we have entered such a new age.

We are calling on Cameroonian elites to dedicate their noble lives to sowing the seeds of Peace and tranquility in Cameroon and proudly advance on the path of victory. CAMDIAC looks forward to producing a steady stream of top-notch leaders of tremendous wisdom and integrity.
Thank you

Cameroon Diaspora for Change (CAMDIAC)


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